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About me

Jeanne Beaudry

Photo de Jeanne Beaudry Art & Yoga méditation à propos


I'm Jeanne

Séparateur Lotus

Intuitive woman, mother of 2, artist, yogini, bohemian witch

Artist since always. Curious by nature. I create art rooted in my inner light.


 I have always known that there is more to life than what is visible. Like my clients I need connection and wonder in my daily life. I walk with you to experience an expansion through my creative force.


Why do I paint?

Séparateur Lotus

Learning to play the piano before writing opened a sensitivity in me. I remember inventing melodies coming from the invisible. Then it was painting, my first love, which I discovered thanks to my grandmother. I have always had this thirst for learning, this call from above. Theater allowed me to get out of my bubble, to open myself to the world.

Présentation à propos pourquoi la peinture Jeanne Beaudry Art & Yoga

This heartbeat within us, this inexplicable miracle, this connection to the whole.

I studied visual arts at the Cégep. My thirst for discovery led me to art history and then to art restoration. My many years of study did not end there and are still going on. I discovered yoga in college, the connection to the body, the feeling of finally aligning the head with the body, with the mind. The integration, the holistic vision of oneself.


I have often projected myself into the unknown in my life, despite the fear, the doubt. I have to push my limits, it is part of my thirst for life. I have always been able to hold on to this unshakeable confidence in life.

Séparateur Lotus

Mon programme professoral de yoga de 200 heures chez Rama Lotus à Ottawa en 2015, fut une aventure magique de découverte et d’apprentissage que j’ai encore l’impression de digérer. Je m’y étais engagée dans le but d’approfondir ma pratique personnelle et puis le goût de l’enseignement s’est fait ressentir. La volonté de partager cette façon de vivre, ces merveilleux outils et ouvrir des portes de possibilités. Le yoga, j’ai eu l’impression de le chercher toute ma vie. J’arrivais enfin à la maison. 



After the birth of my children, I went through a quest for meaning. I understood that I had to share my artistic talents and bring people to open up to this inner flame that needs to be awakened. I understood that my art was now at the service of the collective awakening.